Thursday, August 30, 2012

live as the romans do

as per italian rule, no one is allowed to know who their roommates are OR where they are living until they arrive. needless to say, when i arrived as the last person in a 9 man i was shocked. there are three doubles, and then i am in a triple (my part of the room top left, roommates side of room bottom left). for the 9 of us, there are two bathrooms, two showers, a full kitchen (top right), a dining room table (bottom right), couches (also bottom right), and a ton of storage space. in my room, there are 6 (yes, six) girls that go to rutgers (all of them from new jersey... obviously)
plus me, that
makes 7 jersey kids
haha and the last two are from
minnesota and philly! despite the fact that i have been awake for 33 out of the last 36 hours, i feel like time has flown by. i had some actual italian pizza and gelato (nutella flavored) which was absolutely awesome! the biggest problem is that i have no idea where i am going, but since practically everyone got here yesterday, i have had plenty of tour guides. it is really amazing how small of a world it is, which has made me feel more comfortable very quickly... just since ive been here i met a kid who goes to mendham and northeastern and i also met a girl that has a shore house on the same street as me in LBI. a lot of people are going to explore tonight but since they have already been able to get past the jetlag i think i am just going to stay in and get comfortable here for a little bit! ALSO, i have wifi in my dorm!! so i can receive messages whenever i am here! enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Sounds like you will make friends in no time sweetie. It is hot here today but sunny. Bet it is beautiful there...

    Italian word of the day: avventura ...noun - English translation: adventure

    Enjoy this time! See you in December...