Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the business of leaving

AHHHHHH. let me just get out of the way the three most asked questions I have gotten lately:

1. I do not speak any italian (apart from the words I learned on the "learn italian" app I downloaded)
2. I do not know any one else going with me, although I do know people in various reasons of europe
3. I am allowed to bring ONE checked bag (which is only .1 pounds over currently) and a carry on, a personal item, and a small purse

now that I got that out of the way, another PSA: I will be leaving tomorrow at 4:05 which means that my cell phone will not work (except for imessages) until december, and I will have an international phone but save your money, message me on facebook.

on a lighter note, here's an excerpt of my plane playlist which i have been working on pretty hard:

marilyn monroe- nicki minaj
dirt road communion- chase rice
remember when (push remind)- chris wallace
va va voom- nicki minaj
get your shine on- florida georgia line
all night longer- sammy adams
too good too be true- edens edge
crying on a suitcase- casey james
automatic- nicki minaj
let it roll- flo rida
cowboys and angels- dustin lynch
feel again- one republic

I am going to try to post every other day from now (wifi permitting). UNTIL TOMORROW!!!

p.s. this is where i am living... starting tomorrow... well, thursday based on the time difference

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