Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pompei and Napoli

pompei town square
margarita pizza

after our time in positano, we got up early and got in a cab to go to pompei! overall, i thought the whole place was pretty underwhelming, although it was cool to see a city so well preserved, it wasnt really overly exciting. we got to see the ancient baths, houses, and a high school, but besides from the buildings, many of the mosaics and ceramic pieces had been removed and relocated in a museum. it was still very interesting, just not as cool as i thought it would be. after pompei, we figured we had some extra time before our train so we journeyed to napoli (naples)! there we went to a place called brandi which is the home to the margarita pizza... which we of course had a taste of. we then went for a walk around the town and saw some of its main monuments. i had been warned that napoli was some what of a sketchy and run down city, but since it was a sunday it was pretty deserted. it was still pretty trash-filled however. after spending some time in the city, we took the train back to rome and had one final dinner before my parents left to go back to the US. it was really nice to have them visit and i miss them tons already and really hope they had a great trip!!

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