Friday, October 19, 2012

The Almafi Coast: Positano and Capri

A view of Positano at sunset!
sorry its been awhile! but its midterm season here, so needless to say its been a little bit crazy. anyways, last weekend my parents were here and we took a trip down to the almafi coast for a relaxing (but rainy) weekend. we started out friday morning taking a train from rome to salerno, a town just outside of almafi, and from there we took an hour and a half bus ride to the town of almafi. the bus ride to almafi was probably THE CRAZIEST bus ride i have ever been on in my life (and i think my parents would agree). it was filled with death-defyingly winding turns that scared all of us. once we made it to almafi, we took another bus to positano which had more of the same types of turns making us all think it would never end. once we got off the bus, we had to take another cab down to the hotel before we were finally there. the hotel was really really beautiful, even though it was raining, it was still a gorgeous site.  after exploring the town and grabbing some food we went back to the hotel tired from traveling. the next day, after grabbing a great breakfast at the hotel (it has been awhile since i have had eggs!) we took a boat over to the island of capri for a fun filled day! my mom and i got custom made sandals which was really cool and then we took a boat ride around the island. during our trip we got to see some pretty amazing views, my favorite being the green grotto! despite the fact that it was raining pretty much all day we still managed to have a lot of fun. we then took the boat back to positano and grabbed dinner at a restaurant called chez black which has been frequenting in the past by celebrities like denzel washington and jimmy fallon. the next morning we got up and went to pompei and naples! i will write that post when i have some more time but right now i gotta get some sleep so i can be up and ready by 6 to head to perugia for a chocolate festival! hope everyone else has a great weekend.

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