Friday, December 14, 2012

a day trip to venice!

last friday, my friend kealy and i woke up bright and early to catch a flight to venice! after sprinting threw the airport because we almost missed our flight, we finally make to it venice where it was nice and cold. we started off by taking a boat from the airport to venice, which gave us a nice view of the alps. from there, we walked around the town to see some of the great buildings.  we went into a few beautiful churches before we grabbed some lunch at a local restaurant. then the waiter at the restaurant introduced us to a gondola company that took us on a short trip threw the canals. it was really a breathtaking experience, as it was filled with great views and fun! after the gondola ride, it got really cold and it was hard to stay outside so we did some shopping and looked around at some of the different buildings.  then, we headed to the airport, where our flight was delayed for hours! after some fun times at the airport and getting ripped off by a cab driver, we finally made it home!! it was a great day and it was nice to see one final aspect of italy, and although it was cold and a long day, i am super happy i got time to go!

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