Friday, December 14, 2012


country side of ireland

santa con
cliffs of moher
once again, sorry this is late, but two weeks ago i went to dublin! we arrived late on thursday night, and then woke up early on friday to do some sight seeing. we went and did a walking tour around the city to see some of the main sites in the city, which was definitely cool.  it was weird because i never realized that keltic wasnt really a dead language. i really thought they only spoke english but that was not the case! after our tour, we went to the jameson factory to sample some whiskey and see how it was made. anyways, that night we went to a few different bars in the area and got to see a lot of what the town was like.  the next day we woke up really early to go on a bus tour! We started out by seeing the dunguiare castle which was very unique as it was an ancient category.  Then we saw a old monastery and saw the baby cliffs before heading to the cliffs of moher! the cliffs were absolutely fantastic and stunning, and i felt like i actually got to see what ireland was like. after the long day of sightseeing... about 12 hours! we went back to dublin and got dressed in santa costumes for santacon (santa convention). there were tons of santa costume-wearing civilians out and about dublin which was really cool and led to a lot of great memories. the next day we did some souvenir shopping and visited the Guinness factory before grabbing our flight back to rome! this was my final weekend trip and it was really sad, but it was also one of my favorite trips i went on! i feel like there isnt really too much to write about because it really consisted of a lot of different things that you just have to see! 

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