Sunday, November 18, 2012

a morning in budapest

after landing in budapest and getting to the hostel just before midnight, my friend remy and i went to sleep so that we could get an early start on exploring budapest! budapest is actually composed of two different towns, buda and pest, so we took sometime to explore both. since we didnt have much time, we did a lot of walking to see the main buildings and we spent some time in the market place. we got to see the castle, parliament building, and some pretty cool churches. shopping in the market place was also a lot of fun as we got to see a ton of the different souvenirs they had. overall, budapest was a pretty modern city for the most part, as they had a lot of brand-name stores and everywhere took credit cards (which is rare in most parts of europe but really useful as budapest does not use the euro).  although we didnt have much time there, i really enjoyed what i did get to see and really enjoyed my day! at 3pm we walked over to the bus station and got on our bus to prague! more on that soon :)
market place
inside the castle walls

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