Saturday, November 3, 2012

iviva barcelona!

parc guell

inside sagrada familia
so last weekend we went to barcelona for a weekend of fun! the first night we got there we got some traditional tapas (enchiladas for me) and then went out and explored the town and some of the areas by the beach. the next morning we got up and headed to the sagrada familia church designed by gaudi, which was a very very beautiful church filled with stained glass, mosaics, and intricate sculptures. it was honestly the prettiest church i have ever seen and i really enjoyed all of the time we spent there. after spending an hour or two in the church we hiked up the mountainside to gaudi's house and to parc guell. there we found more mosaics and the lizard statue which was really cool, and then after our photo shoot at the parc we grabbed some traditional paella! it was very tasty and very unique! then we took a short nap at the hostel before we grabbed some burgers for dinner and prepared for another night of fun. the next day, we walked down the most popular street in barcelona, las ramblas. we did a lot of shopping, hit up a local market, and then we checked out the waterfront/harbor area for some more beautiful views. we had a tappa sampler that night for dinner along with more paella and black rice, which was a nice ending to our weekend! unfortunately, we had a 5:55 am flight sunday morning so it was an early night for us but nonetheless a great weekend!! it was really nice to see a different culture, especially one where i spoke the language (even though barcelona is technically part of a region where they speak catalan). i am so glad we got to go there for the weekend and hopefully one day i can go back and enjoy the beach!

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