Saturday, November 3, 2012

roman day trip: tivoli!

as a part of my last full weekend in rome two of my friends and i took a day trip to a small town outside of rome called tivoli! this small mountain side town at first seemed very empty, but we soon realized it was full of life! we went into a renaissance village called villa d'este which was filled with beautiful frescas (paintings) inside and more importantly, a huge garden outside. within the garden there were two huge waterfalls and multiple smaller water fountains with statues dedicated to different gods and goddesses. it was a lot of fun to frolic around for the day and take pictures and we even got to see an ancient organ for a small concert! after spending about two hours in the garden, we explored the center of the town for a little bit before we headed back to rome! i was happy to see a more scenic view of italy, which is something i will really remember!!

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