Wednesday, November 21, 2012

High ho, High ho, its off to Prague we go!

Old Town Square
The Church of the Prague Castle
Prague Skyline
So after spending the morning in budapest, Remy and I got on a bus to Prague! Although it was a 8 hour bus ride, it was actually pretty nice as they played movies and even showed a few episodes of Big Bang Theory! Once we got to Prague, we got to walk through part of New Town (not that we knew that) on our way to our hostel. At our hostel, we shared a room with 26 girls which seemed intimidating but was actually pretty manageable, especially since the beds were super comfy and they had rainfall showers! The next morning we woke up early to grab some bagels for breakfast (delicious) and then we walked over to Old Town to join a walking tour.  The tour was actually fantastic as over the course of the 3 hour tour we saw all different parts of the town. Prague is definitely one of the coolest cities I have ever seen, as it was full of history and beautiful architecture. It is also a great blend of old and new, as they have two towns dedicated to both. We also got a chance to see the Jewish quarters, which were very interesting and full of even more history.  What makes Prague unique is that it was one of Hitler's favorite cities, so almost all of it was left untouched during WWII, so there is a ton of stuff that dates back to the middle ages. My favorite part of the city was just walking around as literally every seat had buildings with beautiful architecture and something unique! After the tour, we walked across the river to the Prague Castle, which was absolutely beautiful. The castle was up on a hill so it provided us with a great view of the city, truly fit for a king. After walking around inside the castle walls, we walked over to the John Lennon wall to take some pictures and attempt to carve our names into the wall with coins since we forgot to bring a pen. Then, as the sunset, we walked across the Charles Bridge, which was built in the early 15th century, and then we did some souvenir shopping before heading over to the train station to set of for Krakow, Poland.  It was really an awesome day, and I wish I had some more time in the city, but I am happy with everything we got to do!  Prague was really, really, amazing and I hope that one day I can maybe go back.

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