Friday, September 21, 2012

a day in the life

so there are a few things i have notice recently that for better or worse are different than the way we do things in the US:
1. paper size: 8 1/2 by 11 does not exist. instead, the paper is longer and thinner... which isnt really noticeable unless you brought a notebook from home (like me) and have all of your syllabus's sticking out the top. i am still not sure how i feel about this yet... it just interesting i guess.
2. vespas: everyone rides them. men, women, young people, old people, one person at a time, two people at a time, surprisingly no babies... which makes me question how they are transported. vespas are even bigger than the average car, and honestly come in more varieties. i even saw one the other day with a plastic shield to protect drivers from the rain. it is absolutely insane.
3. fun fact: wine is less expensive than soda. it is "coke light" not diet coke, and it is wicked expensive. especially at restaurants, beer and wine are much cheaper (im talking like $2.50 cheaper). also, you have to pay for bread and water, but you dont have to tip your waiters... so there is that. also there is no way to buy over 4 cans of soda at one time. needless to say, i am going threw withdraw but my new years resolution was to drink less soda so i guess i am back on track with that
4. italians love american music. last night i got the "privilege" to see a bon jovi cover band. it was awkward to say the least.... somehow people knew every word to the songs but no english in conversation. this includes the lead singer.  hearing "living on a prayer" with an italian accent is something i am trying to adjust to still hours later. they also have springsteen and ricky martin cover bands... whether or not i will attend is still very debatable.

well thats what i got for now, ive had a pretty slow week as far as blog-worthy events go. i did finally figure out how to watch some tv online! (the office premier was fantastic by the way) I was also supposed to do wine tasting in tuscany this weekend but it got cancelled.... so i think its a day at the beach again for me tomorrow! which i definitely cannot complain about. minus the excessive amounts of speedos, that i feel like i cant justly whine about. hopefully ill have more to mention soon!

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