Sunday, September 30, 2012

cinque terre!

for our final full day of the weekend we took a two hour train to cinque terre... the "5 lands." although it was a bit overcast, it was still an amazing experience! we only went to 3 of the five because we figured we were short on time, which was a good plan since a lot of the walking plans were closed due to landslides/mudslides. the first town we went to was riomaggiore where i got a traditional mozzarella, tomato, and pesto sandwich on foccacia bread. we then hiked up to what is said to be one of the oldest castles, which gave us a nice over look of the city! the next town we went to was monterola where we went down to the water and sat on some rocks at the edge of the water. it really felt like i was apart of the little mermaid as i was sitting on the rocks with the waves crashing behind me! we then grabbed some gelato from a small store that was rumored to have the best gelato in cinque terre, and then we walked on the only path that seemed to be open. we then stumbled upon a church that was actually really creepy as it was home to a really old cemetery. however, it did provide us with an even better view of the city which you can see in the picture.  after taking in the view, we continued on the monteresso, which is actually the last town in cinque terre. monteresso had the most “tropical” feel, as there was an actual beach in this town. the beach itself was actually pretty rocky, and because it wasn’t too nice outside, none of us went in the water, even though it felt pretty nice to dip our feet in. here, i made everyone climb this huge rock that was right at the shore line. i honestly could have spent all day sitting up there as it provided the greatest view of the ocean. after awhile, i finally came down and took a nap on the beach until it started to drizzle and we figured we should move on. for dinner we went back to manarola to a restaurant we had found earlier in the day for some seafood pasta. we also had fried calamari which was so delicious! it was then time for us to head back to florence to get some much needed rest! sunday morning we then got up and grabbed some pizza (which was not as good as roman pizza) before catching our train back to rome. it was really a lovely weekend but i am happy to be home and take a nap before preparing for a week of midterms, papers, and tests. wednesday night we are taking the opportunity to see the romeo and juliet ballet, which means im probably skipping sunday night football to get started on my work… especially since next weekend in PARIS!!! hope everyone has a great week!

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