Sunday, September 2, 2012

grown up problems

today i finally made it to the grocery store! it was disastrous.  i could not read what anything was and had no idea what i even wanted to buy other than pasta... i could not find chicken or lunch meat anywhere, and felt like i didnt know what else i knew how to make. anyways, i made pasta with pesto sauce and mini shrimp for dinner (picture) and all of my roommates claimed they were jealous so i guess i made it okay. on the note of culture, i went out last night and heard call me maybe..... which was actually exciting in a weird way because it was comforting haha. i should note that it was an american bar, and i also got to watch college football (not bc, which was probably for the better) which was really awesome. but i feel like all italians love all americans. which is not even flattering in my opinion because its just seriously across the board an obsession. it was really nice though because last night 8 of us went to dinner, we ordered 3 bottles of wine and 6 pasta dishes, but we were also giving another free (better quality) bottle of wine, and two free scoops of gelato per person... total bill: 70 euro ($80). literally because we are americans... so in that case it was obviously very nice. i dont really understand it honestly haha but it is what it is. i also did some trip planning today with some of my roommates in an effort to get the cheapest places, so we decided to do paris fashion weekend in october, and we signed up for a cooking class (thank god), the chocolate festival near rome, and the romeo and juliet ballet. which is super exciting!

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  1. It is awesome that you are there.... There is a lot to getting settled but come December you will sorry to see it end although you will miss your mom's and my smiling faces! (OK..Becs too)

    Keep up the posts. I will read them and follow everything and know that someone from home is keeping you in her prayers and hoping you are having the time of your life.