Thursday, September 27, 2012

shipping out!

not too much new this week, or blog-worthy for that matter! i did attend another cooking class which needless to say was once again awesome. the best part of the meal was a lemon custard with caramelized peaches on top... i must say i was integral to the grilling of the peaches which may have been why it was the best. i also got to watch a lot of football last sunday, which some of my friends and i think we are going to make a weekly tradition. but the best news of all, is that today... after four weeks of being in rome... im going to travel!! i leave in about a half hour for florence and cinque terre for what i hope will be an awesome weekend! we are planning on doing a lot of sight seeing, and im hoping to meet up with a few of my BC friends who are in florence taking classes. i also have a ton of exciting events coming up in the next week, as i also leave for paris a week from today!! i hope you all have a wonderful weekend in the USA!

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