Thursday, September 13, 2012

Buon appetito!

 last night, i went to a cooking class that was arranged by my school, and as one could only imagine it was AWESOME! there were about 18 people in the whole class and we had the option to move around and work on whatever we wanted to make. our first course (out of four) was bruschetta, which i did not get to help make, but, it was very very delicious. the green tomatoes were an especially good extra touch. our second course was a type of pasta that is similar to gnocchi, but it is made with pasta
rather than potatoes.
if i dont say
so my self, i was instrumental in
this part of the meal as i rolled the
individual noodles making
 probably 100 or so in total... i was there for a full hour. another set of students made tomato basil sauce for the pasta by hand, which was the perfect final touch. the third course was some sort of beef and mushroom dish, (which because i spent so much time rolling pasta i did not help with) and it was probably my least favorite out of all of them, but still good nonetheless. finally, we had tiramisu which i learned literally translates to "pull me up" as it is meant to give you some what of an energy boost (thanks to the coffee) as a result of eating it. i helped dunk the lady finger cookies in the coffee and lay them out on the bottom of the pan and then i helped sprinkle a layer of chocolate as a few other classmates made the top layer. for someone who does not really enjoy the taste of coffee, i still thought it tasted phenomenal. at the end of the class we all got coupons to the chef/teachers restaurant around the corner from my dorm as well as all the recipes to what we made! what was really cool about the class is that every time it is taught they make a different menu so that you can have a different experience every time. i think i am definitely going to take another class as it was only 20 euro ($25) for more food than we could all even eat. the best part was that it was all relatively easy (the parts i did at least), and i really do feel like i could go home and make everything again! this weekend i am (hopefully) meeting up with two friends from BC who are visiting from florence (firenze) for the day and then possibly going to the zoo where, my roommate claims the animals make different noises (doubtful, but i will report back the findings). i am also going to attempt to dip my feet in the mediterranean ocean by making a trip to the beach! i have also been trying to get a little more trip planning done as i booked barcelona for a weekend in october and florence/cinque terre for two weeks from now. hope everyone enjoys their own weekends!

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