Thursday, September 6, 2012

clearly, i am not italian

today i ventured to the bookstore by myself as a test that i could get there and back... which i did without getting lost!! im not sure if it is because of italian prices or just because i have not bought a book from the bookstore... ever, but the prices were out of control. i also made another pit stop at the trevi fountain on my way to see it in all of its glory during the day time, of course it didnt disappoint, and of course i made another wish. i also bought two really cool leather bracelets (2 for 5 euro!), half because theyre awesome and half so i can say i bought them at the trevi fountain (picture right). then, on my way back, i noticed there was a red light and all of the cars were stopped on the one way street, so i went to cross.... when i was clipped by a vespa. not cool. i walked away without a scratch (a small rip in my bag) but i was SO mad that the vespa was basically going against what seemed like such common sense to me. but i really do not believe that the italians have driving rules (i have yet to see a speed limit sign) so it was totally my fault, which was fine but infuriating. and im okay, so its just a lesson learned for next time, and im sure a few people enjoyed the show as the italian vespa driver screamed at me. on my walk today i did get to take in a bit of italian culture the three main takes away of the day:
1. i am taller than 2/3rds of romes inhabitants
2. people in rome walk slower than toddlers learning to walk
3. three months will never be long enough to try to understand this country
with that, i head out for the night as this school doesnt believe in friday classes (this is something i do understand)

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